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Model: A 92387
These 6 colorful soft stepping pads make a sound when stepped/jumped on or off, and can be used to provide proprioceptive and auditory stimulation. These light pads encourage and reinforce your sense of balance and provide jumping fun! Ideal for addressing gravitational insecurities. Antislip surfac..
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Model: A 92420
The Balls Eye Glove is designed to make throwing and catching fun. It increases the success rate for beginners, and at the same time, provides a natural transition activity from throwing and catching to other games. It’s also a wonderful teaching tool for adapted classes with its oversized, hook-mat..
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Model: A 11015
Can you imagine 6 simultaneous softball games being played at the same time and on the same court? All this is going on safely by being color controlled. To differentiate teams and avoid confusion, every set is shipped with 6 color-matched pairs of bats and balls. Bats are made of safe dense foam ru..
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Model: A 40110
Catch-a-ball is ideal for hand-eye coordination improvement. Simply swing the tethered ball in the air and catch it. Detach the ball so that multiple players can play together. Made out of durable polyethylene...
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Model: H 57235
Thanks to their solid fabric and embedded corners around the edges these Blindfold Goggles are 100% light-proof. Textile fiber composition: Nylon 65%, Polyurethane 25%, Polyester 10%...
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Model: A 41210
10 curve-shaped floor markers made of antislip vinyl material. These floor markers are ideal to create a circle or to delimit scoring zones for sports like Hockey and Handball...
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Model: A 40432
This set consists of 6 weighted animals: a starfish, a line, a crab, a sea lion, a turtle and a fish. Ideal for aquatic activities. Material: neoprene...
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Model: A 70322
A great alternative to balloons, without the latex!Regardless of their physical abilities, FingerLights make everyone in the room a participant. That's because when fully inflated they're so responsive that their panels will first stretch around the surface they hit (a finger, a nose or the top of a..
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Model: A 81640
Small lightweighted and very safe balls. They are ideal for learning to play racket games such as our Loons...
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Model: A 21050
A lightweight and portable basketball goal ideal for younger children and wheelchair users. Designed for basketball, this goal is also great for numerous other tossing, throwing, or shooting drills that revolve around accuracy. 2cm thick steel tubing allow for good durability. Includes rubber feet (..
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Model: A 81720
The Giant Catch Tail ball is made of a high quality soft foam ball in a mesh covered bag. This ball improves throwing skills since it enhances eye-tracking and catching and is therefore especially a great choice for young children. Total length: 91,4cm...
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Model: A 59100
This hoop can be instantly attached to virtually anything via an integrated clip. Its design allows suspension for heights that will bring the most success for the player. Not appropriate for an intensive use...
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