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Model: BO 5145
A climbing net made of a steel rope to be fixed to a wooden or metal frame. Net size 180 x 300cm, rope ø 1,2cm; mesh 30 x 30cm..
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Model: BO 4510
Climbing rope is a classic climbing rope with that extra something. The subtly styled round wooden steps give extra grip when climbing. Material and workmanship leave nothing to be desired! This cool climbing rope is the ’thing’ to have, and will fit any climbing frame. Height: 200cm, UV Resista..
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Model: NS 9166
The cradle is a multi-purpose product. In its standard arrangement it has a form of a cradle. Turned upside down it can function as a bridge over a flowing river. Placed on the side it can serve, for example, as a shop counter or cash barrier.78 x 41 x 36cm..
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Model: NS 6002
Gymnastic triangle made of waterproof painted plywood. Each party allows the improvement of coordination3 activities possible: climbing wall, wall car and ladder104 x 117 x 93cm..
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