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Emotional Therapy

Model: H 12018
A box full of stories in tender and joyful colors that can be used in class in a thousand and one ways.Funny or serious episodes, multiple and varied adventures, so many situations borrowed from the universe and the daily life of children that can be told, recounted in writing or staged.The water le..
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Model: H 20630
A game of association which uses the bingo system to learn how to differentiate and recognise the basic emotions, associating the image of each emotion with its corresponding sound...
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Model: H 11003
Have fun creating different faces and expressions and emotions with the 22 attachable pieces on this interactive chart...
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Model: H 12112
Joy, anger, curiosity, sadness: why does the child have this expression?Strong feelings are omnipresent in children's daily lives. Feelings have triggers and understanding them is an important basis for understanding the thoughts and actions of others. Using the images provided, children learn to kn..
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Model: H 12048
By the expression of their face, people of all ages and all skin colors show what they feel: joy and happiness, exuberance and cheerfulness, pain and sadness, fear and anguish, surprise and astonishment, without forgetting boredom, bad humor or indifference.This collection of images is particularly ..
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Model: H 11007
A fun cube with different expressions on each side - great fun for activities and group games.Size : 20 x 20 x 20 cms..
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Model: H 84501
Learning cards are a wonderful way to build expressive and receptive language, encourage vocabulary development, and increase verbal fluency.The Emotions: English Language Learner set includes 22 cards (8 1/2" x 5 1/2" each) including photographs of different emotions, plus a resource guide.Key Educ..
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Model: M 64001
Set of 6 glove puppets for learning about emotions, four of which are reversible...
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Model: H 20542
A game for learning to identify facial expressions from icons and associating them with photos of real expressions...
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Model: H 84520
Learning cards are a wonderful way to build language, encourage vocabulary development, and increase reading skills.The Facial Expressions set includes:45 cards (4.25” x 5.5” each), featuring photographs of facial expressionsa resource guide and guided questionsGreat for discussion or story starters..
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Model: H 12064
Once upon a time…Hansel and Gretel, Little Red Riding Hood, Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs – Tales are part of our cultural heritage. The consecrated formula "Once upon a time..." introduces us to the world of dreams and fantasy.Children need stories. They entertain them by arousing their curiosity..
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Model: H 30205
A set of 6 bear masks with handles. Each mask has a different expression : happy, sad, angry, tearful and worried. easy to use - simply hold the mask in front of you. A great set for little learners to explore feelings and emotions and to develop storytelling...
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