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Model: A 59163
Versatile inflatable cushion can be used while sitting, standing, or lying on the floor. It can be used while seated to release accumulated energy, improve concentration and promote a good sitting posture. Used while standing it enhances proprioceptive and balance skills. Smooth bumps on one si..
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Model: H 59253
Caterpinch is an absolutely irresistible fidget that even you won't want to put down! Each segment of the "caterpillar" is a securely sealed liquid that is "mushable". An ideal tool for warming up fingers before writing, keeping busy fingers in one place and strengthening intrinsics. Not intended fo..
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Model: H 14905
Ease stress and anxiety, refocus young minds, and keep fidgeting in more control with flexible, chewable necklaces and bracelets.Many children struggling with stress, ADHD, or even autism need extra support when it comes to oral stimulation. That’s why it’s important to give them outlets that are sa..
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Model: T 63022
Συσκευασία 71 τμχ για συνθέσουν τα παιδιά περισσότερες από 16 διαφορετικές κατασκευές οχημάτων και αντικειμένων...
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Model: T 51750
Πρωτότυπο και δηµιουργικό παιχνίδι κατασκευών µε πολλά διεθνή βραβεία παγκοσµίως σε εκθέσεις και εκπαιδευτικά συνέδρια. Τα παιδιά συνδέουν, κουµπώνουν, εφαρµόζουν και συνθέτουν κοµµάτια, δηµιουργώντας µια ανεξάντλητη ποικιλία από κατασκευές. Αναπτύσσει φαντασία, δηµιουργικότητα, συνθετική αντίληψη, ..
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Model: A 89119
Originally conceived as a sitting cushion, our Disc’o’Sit has established itself as a fitness- and therapy tool as well. Very useful to improve coordination and reflexes, this product is included in many training programs. Disc’o’Sit is highly recommendable as active seating device, in order to reli..
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Model: A 89122
The smaller version of the Disc’o’Sit round inflatable cushion is designed specifically for children as it fits perfectly in the small chairs of kindergartens and primary schools. Disc’o’Sit Jr. is a valuable active seating device to keep a good posture. It is also a useful training tool to perform ..
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Model: H 49296
This DNA Squishy Ball is filled with mini spheres in hot neon colors, offering an irresistible visual and tactile experience. It is fun to stretch, squish, squeeze and toss at home, at school or at work. Change the ball's shape by manipulating it! Non-toxic and latex-free, this fidget is a great str..
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Model: H 49291
This Squishy non-toxic, latex-free ball is full of beads and glitter. You won't resist this added sparkle effect! Squeeze, stretch, squish or toss the ball: it will keep the shape you’ve created. Use it at home, at work or at school as a great stress reducer and hand strengthener...
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Model: H 59243
Grabits is a unique tool for grabbing and holding. It has the landing characteristics of a bean bag but is designed to be tossed like a horseshoe. The possibilities created by the flexibility and stretchability of the grip section, as well as the tactile stimulation, are endless. Grabits are filled ..
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Model: H 59251
This finger strengthener is simple to play. Move all the gum from its stretchy lycra channels into the clear gumball globe. Use motor-planning, tactile discrimination, and small muscles to move the gumballs into their color-coded chambers. Tiny fingers don't even notice the work-out their muscles ar..
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Model: A 80445
The Hop Ball is a dynamic toy, which promotes balance and coordination in children while providing a fun workout. The soft one-piece handgrip ensures the safest bouncing as it is made of the same material as the ball. Thanks to this special handle, the Gymnic high quality hopper can be included in m..
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