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Abc toys was created with the motivation of the love for the child and the purpose of the holistic coverage of the needs of the Teacher, the Special Scientist and the Parent.

We support with materials, games and items that contribute to the mental, motor and learning development, both the Special Education Scientist who promotes the improvement of the quality of life of all, and the Teacher, the Teacher of the preschool and school education of the Classical and the Special School.

We are constantly investing in knowledge, innovation, educational theory & practice with types of learning, mental, emotional and motor development that improve the way children learn, modernize what they learn and offer them new supplies for their future and development.

The scientific team of abc toys with specialized partners is constantly updated and monitors the developments in the global scientific community of special education and classical education.
We participate in the largest international events, we constantly watch, study, discover and carefully select types of entertainment & evolution of speech, learning, movement and behavior that have excellent technical characteristics, high quality standards and meet the methods of both classical and modern remedial teaching.

We supply and equip steadily
- Kindergartens & Nurseries
- Kindergartens & Primary Schools
- Creative Employment Centers
- Special schools
- Study & Support Teaching Centers
- Special Treatment Centers
- Speech therapists
- Occupational therapists
- Child psychologists
- Developmental Pediatricians
- Special Educators
- Medical Pedagogical Therapeutic Units and
Pediatric Hospitals

All over Greece and Cyprus with modern pedagogical & learning material, types of mental development and psychomotor rehabilitation, educational & recreational games that develop skills and abilities but also specialized products that cover the needs of prevention, diagnosis, support and rehabilitation of learning & mobility difficulties required by special education.