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Model: JNT 19085
Textured Bottom – Provides oral-sensory stimulation along with feeding to assist with the transition from smooth to textured foods.Dimensions of the Large Textured Spoon is equivalent to a traditional teaspoon, however, the bowl is shallow.The Large Textured Spoon is silver which provides use of the..
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Model: JNT 19075
Textured Bottom – Provides oral-sensory stimulation along with feeding.Shallow Bowl – Provides decreased bolus size.Small Textured Spoon is available in three child-friendly colors – orange, purple and teal, however, use is not limited to children. The Small Textured Spoon is appropriate for adult r..
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Model: JNT 19102
Designed to position the tongue for accurate /r/ sound productionContoured cradle fully supports and lifts the tongueAngled handle for optimal lift and controlMore accurate than a tongue depressor – Save hours of therapy!Available in three colors – Green, Blue and RedProduct Use:Each LifteR should b..
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