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Model: H 13752
An exciting new resource that gives plenty of early maths practice. Children, using challenging activity cards, attach pegs of one or two colors on to a baseboard, developing logical thinking and problem solving skills...
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Model: H 13751
Perfect for patterning : This unique learning aid is designed to develop and strengthen the child’s visual perception skills, visual-motor coordination, fine motor control and the grip needed for drawing and writing...
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Model: H 10214
Mini-pegs are distributed among the players. In turn, they draw a card and check for a matching mini-peg with the same colors. An agreed rule states how they hang the clothes: a common color, the same shape, one of each.....
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Model: H 13750
Every time you play it’s a new challenge. This game is a perfect way to improve the ability to arrange visual stimuli in a sequence, plan and anticipate moves, identify and match colors, and develop fine motor skills...
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Model: H 13753
TrickyTree is a construction game that helps children get acquainted with the concept of balance. It also helps to improve the fine motor control...
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