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Model: H 12325
Support individuals who have difficulty transitioning to the tripod grip.It could also benefit children who are later developing fine motor control due to coordination difficulties such as dyspraxia.As the motor skills and eye coordination for pen use increases, the size of the grip can reduce to th..
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Model: H 63219
One of our most fun pencil grips available, the dolphin pencil grip is made from a soft silicone material - making it very comfortable to hold and use. With accentuated finger intents, this pencil grips helps to encourage the hand to maintain a tripod grip...
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Model: H 10188
Κάθε ένα από τα πολύχρωμα ΑΝΗΣΥΧΑ ΜΟΛΥΒΙΑ έχει διαφορετική βίδα και παξιμάδι στην κορυφή του για να κρατάει απασχολημένα τα δάχτυλα των παιδιών με ΔΕΠ-Υ και να τα βοηθάει αποτελεσματικά να συγκεντρώνονται και να εστιάζουν στην εργασία που έχουν να κάνουν. Τα άκρα εφαρμόζουν εύκολα σε κάθε τυπικό μολ..
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Model: H 10004
Improve concentration and support/improve children's posture with this discreet under the desk foot fidget.Designed with an occupational therapist, it helps to avoid over twisting of the legs and feet, which will help children to sit up straight, without slouching. To clean, submerge in hot soapy wa..
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Model: H 26583
This excellent pencil grip makes it virtually impossible to use incorrectly with a partition and covered finger tips.Designed for use with either hand, it seems destined to become the favourite pencil grip of many...
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Model: H 16424
Η λαβή ασκήσεων γραφής HANDIWRITE βοηθάει αποτελεσματικά στην ανάπτυξη της γραφής. Είναι ένας ειδικός ελαστικός υφασμάτινος ιμάντας που η μια θηλιά του τυλίγεται στον καρπό και η άλλη γύρω από το άνω άκρο του μολυβιού. Διατηρεί το μολύβι στη σωστή θέση, ενισχύει το μυϊκό τόνο και δεν επιτρ..
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Model: H 19119
Revolutionary design to immobilise the index finger, ideal for younger children just starting to write. The tripod angle re-enforces the correct positioning of the fingers. It relieves hand pain, reduces fatigue, and improves comfort. Also suitable for long periods of intensive writing, su..
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Model: H 83259
Provides both visual and tactile prompts that will quickly teach children with fine motor challenges, how to place the correct amount of space between letters and words and helps make handwriting more legible.Just place the finger spacer under the writing line so that the the finger creates a space ..
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Model: H 78153
These easy hold, clear scoops are perfect for transporting and sorting activities. The scoops feature small holes in both sides to add an extra challenge when scooping materials like sand etc...
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Model: H 78287
Experiment with mixing and moving with this colourful set of pipettes, presented in a handy stand. Enhance fine motor skills whilst igniting passion in young artists. Squeeze, splosh and spray liquids into containers, potion bottles and onto canvases...
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Model: H 70221
These super soft pencil grips have massaging bristles that provides sensory stimulation as you write. Particularly good for children that hold pencils too tightly which inevitably causes finger and hand ache. It increases the child's awareness of their fingers and pencil thus reducing the need ..
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Model: H 10067
Great for mark making, drawing and writing activities.The Gel board uses a safe, non-toxic gel. Write using the stylus and simply erase by swiping your hand across the board.Can be used over and over again to practice handwriting and also develop fine motor skills...
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