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Model: A 97547
The Activ Roll is a small roller with soft bumps for a comfortable massage. It stimulates the blood circulation and provides a general well-being feeling for the whole body. It is great for foot and back massage, reflexology and myofascial exercises. Through a needle pump, you can regulate inflation..
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Model: A 96028
Transparent ball containing some small multi-colored balls moving freely inside. This tool provides extra sensory input as it stimulates eye mobility and amplifies the product’s three-dimensional feature. The Activity Ball will help improve your child’s spatial perception skills. It is also great to..
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Model: A 97536
Aku Ball is similar to the Sensyball with a harder surface. This higher consistency provides a more intense sensory response. Ideal for massage, reflexology and relaxation exercises...
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Model: A 97492
The Aku Ring is a tactile, spiky and flexible ring, available in four assorted colours. Its soft spikes transmit a pleasant sensory impulse. The peculiarity of this tool makes it suitable for various activities and educational games. It is also perfect for underwater activities in the swimming pool ..
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Model: A 97479
Thanks to its long flexible bumps the Bene-Feet Mat represents an evolution of the feet massage towards an active-reactive level. This dynamic massage has many beneficial effects as it boosts the blood circulation in your feet; it relaxes the foot muscles and stimulate the feet reflex areas. The pro..
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Model: A 89134
This inflatable cushion is a great tool for your back. Thanks to its unique “D” shape, the Comfort’a’Back provides support for your lower back ensuring the correct posture. Valuable tool to support the lumbar and sacral region also during floor exercises and postural gymnastics...
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Model: A 89119
Originally conceived as a sitting cushion, our Disc’o’Sit has established itself as a fitness- and therapy tool as well. Very useful to improve coordination and reflexes, this product is included in many training programs. Disc’o’Sit is highly recommendable as active seating device, in order to reli..
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Model: A 89122
The smaller version of the Disc’o’Sit round inflatable cushion is designed specifically for children as it fits perfectly in the small chairs of kindergartens and primary schools. Disc’o’Sit Jr. is a valuable active seating device to keep a good posture. It is also a useful training tool to perform ..
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Model: A 95146
Larger version of Disc’o’Sit, the Disco Sport cushion is ideal for balance training, coordination and functional recovery exercises. One side is covered with gentle sensory bumps that offer a pleasant massage effect. Inflate the product to the needed stability level. You can use Disco Sport with our..
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Model: A 88711
Sensory ball covered with raised bumps, Easy Grip provides a soft textured feel. Perfect for small children to play with, this knobbly ball fosters grip and manipulation skills. Easy Grip is supplied in a set of six pieces in assorted basic colours...
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Model: A 99411
Double action pump with comfortable handle. It is ideal to inflate small and medium-sized balls rapidly (up to Ø 75 cm – 30 in)...
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Model: A 95128
The Fit-Ball Roller has the same features of elasticity and softness as the Gymnic Balls. For this reason, it is an effective alternative to hard cylinders. This multi-purpose tool allows a wide range of exercises such as abdominals strengthening, stretching and relaxation. The Fitball Roller is als..
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