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Model: A 35711
Air Cushion is an inflatable dynamic balloon... imitating both the movement and the shape of the gym balls. One side of the cushion is bump-studded while the other side is more gently textured to provide the users with different sensations to enhance the sense of touch and coordination. It can be us..
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Model: A 17090
Feel them, catch them... Or balance them on your head. The bean bags of one colour can be applied in various ways. Sorted by colour. Washable up to 30°C...
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Model: P 11458
Nothing goes wrong any more... with this brush cup. The brush stands safely in the funnel-shaped insert. The lid allows the water to be transported without spilling. Set: cup, funnel, lid. Mixed colours...
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Model: P 43306
Different shapes... content: 200 parts in 8 colours, 2 mm thickness...
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Model: P 10315
Ground plate... To cut out different shapes. Colours sorted, 2 mm thickness...
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Model: A 10021
Each piece has two sides... one side has blue symbols with yellow background and the other side is the opposite. No glue is used. Can be played with Stepping Stone (KT0001) to make the activity more challenging. Establish children's spatial and directional concepts. Develop the ability of action pla..
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Model: P 22033
Triangle, square rhomb, circle... including 10 geometric stamps...
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Model: P 22032
Triangle, square rhomb, circle... including 10 geometric stamps...
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Model: H 12109
The magnetic pen guides the balls through the labyrinth... either separately or in the form of a snake. Furthers patience and fine motor skills. Thanks to the acrylic cover the ball won’t getlost - a game for the journey, but it can just as well be attached to your wall...
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Model: H 81840
Yellow + Blue = Green... According to the mixture of two colours you will get new colours. This can be shown with this colour panel. 6 transparent colour cards...
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Model: H 13209
Furthering mouth motor skills... if you blow softly into the multicoloured ‘locomotive’, the ball will turn on the airstream; if you blow harder, it will float above the ‘chimney’ – this promotes kids’ mouth motor skills as well as their ability to express themselves in speech...
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Model: H 13210
Furthering mouth motor skills... Substitute balls for blowing game...
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