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Model: H 11171
Bag of 50 acrylic beads ø cm.2.5 - gr.430 assorted colors..
Ex Tax:23.79€
Model: P 62897
Σετ 6 φύλλα χοντρό χαρτόνι µεταλιζέ 450gr διπλής όψης χρυσό και ασηµί. Κόβεται εύκολα και είναι ιδανικό για τρισδιάστατες κατασκευές. ∆ιάσταση: 25 Χ 35cm...
6.18€ 8.06€
Ex Tax:4.98€
Model: P 54945
Complete set to create animal masks: contains: 8 masks, 6 heavy cardboard, 2 patterns, 2 meters of elastic..
Ex Tax:6.50€
Model: P 54099
The pre-cut shapes are suitable for multiple uses: ideal for decorating windows, notice boards, walls. They can also be hung using nylon thread or used as a gift wrap !!48 pcs...
Ex Tax:4.95€
Model: P 13044
Glass brush holder in acrylic material, diameter 8x8 cm...
Ex Tax:3.20€
Model: P 49071
Set of hexagon and cone candles..
9.24€ 11.04€
Ex Tax:7.45€
Model: P 44388
Floating candle molds. Size: 21x23 cm...
Ex Tax:2.78€
Model: P 42693
Cast steel molds Christmas subjects 12 pcs..
Ex Tax:6.80€
Model: P 21703
Σετ 12 αυτοκόλλητα φύλλα (25 Χ 35cm) σε διαφορετικά χρώµατα. ∆ιάσταση: 25 Χ 35cm...
9.90€ 13.58€
Ex Tax:7.98€
Model: H 11311
This game allows you to teach your child in an effective and fun way very important mathematical concepts: 1) equivalences (an orange ruler is worth 10 white rulers); 2) the numerical value / color associations; 3) the first arithmetic calculations (red ruler + green ruler = yellow ruler)...
Ex Tax:7.98€
Model: H 11188
Column numerator 15 x 19 x 35 h content: 1 base with 5 holes, 5 numbered rods, 100 cylinders..
Ex Tax:18.95€
Model: P 55808-05
Copper wire is very suitable for wire wire. Ideal for creating educational or creative jobs as they are very resistant and moldable. 23m...
Ex Tax:2.25€
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