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Model: H 24701
The CamoCup® was originally developed for infants, children and adults with sensorimotor impairments. It is very suitable for children with mental disabilities and sensorimotor restrictions, but as a drinking (learning) cup is also ideal for all children, as its new shape (dosing groove on the insid..
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Model: H 12669
These practical wooden ledges are ideal for placing playing or picture cards upright and face down in front of you. So even small children can sort their cards clearly...
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Model: H 24412
This handy diagnostic light enables a "slim look" into the mouth, eg in the context of dysphagia diagnostics or similar. With a special holder for attaching a spatula at the same time...
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Model: H 11225
EMS is a form of therapy that aims to restore correct speech. With practice, a coupling of hand signals and articulatory patterns (phoneme formation) is achieved, which enables the patient to help himself if the speech process is disturbed. Since EMS starts with the formation of individual sounds, i..
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Model: H 22401
A tool that is as simple as it is effective for myofunctional therapy! The FaceFormer therapy is cause-oriented, holistic and has an effective influence on the tension of tissue, muscles and skin in the mouth and face to strengthen and harmonize the chewing, swallowing, speaking, facial expressions ..
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Model: H 11756
Vibration device for external stimulation of facial areas with facial paralysis, sensory and motor function deficits...
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Model: H 23951
Who can keep the styrofoam ball evenly floating for as long as possible, practicing a constant air column and exhalation in this way?..
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Model: H 22620
The ice tubes are filled with water and a cotton swab and then frozen. The resulting ice cylinder is used to stimulate the facial muscles as part of a cold therapy, for example in the case of facial paralysis...
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Model: H 18126
...make it easier to inflate the balloons!..
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Model: H 26603
Offers pleasant handling, because the milky plastic material is flexible and unbreakable even after repeated disinfection...
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Model: H 27564
The LIPPBRATOR works in a biological way and lies passively in the vestibule (oral vestibule). The engine has about 1 1/2 hours running time. The first 5 levels are covered with continuous vibration. By pressing the button, this vibration can be called up in 5 strengths (from weak to strong). The 5 ..
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Model: H 22040
A drinking cup for people with eating or drinking disorders to learn, maintain or regain correct eating, drinking and swallowing functions. In contrast to the classic sippy cup, the LoopCup does not block tongue movements and is suitable as a therapeutic drinking (learning) cup for all age groups.In..
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