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Model: B 11732
This invaluable book is packed with creative and dynamic games that will help children to develop positive relationships.There are 2 sections in the book. The first part includes games that teach looking, listening, speaking, thinking and concentration skills. The second consolidates the 5 skill are..
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Model: H 89422
This set of 16 bright and engaging activity Can of Worms Activity Cards supports the can of worms and focuses on comparing, matching and ordering different worms. Children are also encouraged to apply their measuring Skills in different contexts...
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Model: H 10170
Many readers find that conventional black text on white and often shiny paper makes reading uncomfortable. These attractive overlays will help to make the whole process of reading stress-free and fun.Each overlay includes a tracking line to help the reader keep their place and a larger coloured wind..
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Model: B 56508
Build robots, design flags, make spinning snakes, pack for a journey and learn how to develop scissor technique without even noticing!Contains 48 A4 photocopiable pages of imaginative and challenging activities - developed by experienced teachers to help children to develop hand-eye co-ordination, m..
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Model: H 48484
A two-level lotto game that is suitable for KS2 children or older children with more experience of fractions. The game helps children put into effect their knowledge and learning of fraction equivalences. The set comes complete with four game boards, 36 fraction cards and a teacher guide...
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Model: B 60015
This book will contribute to the effective understanding, teaching and support of pupils with dyslexia in maths.This book will help you to:gain an understanding of the links between dyslexia and mathematicslook at your teaching methods in relation to dyslexiaengage with the skills necessary for chil..
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Model: B 56718
This book is a practical and accessible guide designed for anybody working alongside dyslexic children in schools. It provides a wealth of helpful information and teaching tips to ensure every child is successfully included in the mainstream classroom.This book will:give you an understanding of the ..
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Model: B 59822
This book offers a straightforward guide to identifying children affected by speech and language difficulties, and a wealth of practical advice to support those working with them. It incorporates the Afasic checklists.This book will:give you an overview of the various types of speech and language di..
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Model: B 10024
Faced with deteriorating behaviour with a long list of possible causes, many teachers feel overwhelmed by the problem of challenging behaviour. This book has been written to strengthen and inspire even the most battle-fatigued teacher. It provides:Clear, practical advice for senior management teams,..
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Model: B 60511
With increased emphasis on inclusion in education, the challenge faced by schools is to provide for the diverse and complex needs of all children. This book promotes a collaborative approach in which senior management, SENCos, teachers and teaching assistants work as a team to address this issue.Thi..
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Model: B 11518
Teaching children on the autism spectrum presents a very particular challenge that requires special understanding from everyone involved. This book offers valuable insight into the nature of autism, Asperger syndrome and other associated conditions.This book includes:clear principles for appropriate..
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Model: B 10001
Supporting pupils with hearing difficulties requires an understanding of the issues concerned and how children are affected by them.This practical and accessible book will help you to:understand the causes and implications of the full range of hearing difficultiesidentify children with a hearing los..
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