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Model: P 84719
Removable textile adhesives that can be used with any Henbea game, making it easy to stick and remove from any non-porous surface such as glass, wood, cloth, plastic and flooring.Great fun for organizing and easy to place anywhere around the house or in the classroom, even for the smallest hands to ..
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Model: H 74017
· Distinguish the outline of each item of clothing.· Learn their names and colours.· Encourages hand coordination.· Includes a shoe to tie shoelaces.· 10 washable coloured cards in polypropylene and 10 laces...
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Model: H 70619
Large size dominoes perfect for playing in a large area in a group. It is characterised by its design, which is very visible, colourful and made of durable, washable, digidirectional material. 28 dominoes of 7x14 cms...
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Model: H 36202
Practice weaving these mats again and again without them tearing. In Henbea, our weaving mats are a great way to improve hand, wrist and finger dexterity. Our mats are also made out of an extremely flexible plastic with many variations of colours. This makes our product effect for both individual us..
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Model: A 50363
A set of hands and feet in red and blue plastic for indicating the left and right, for use in gym circuits and games.Content: 8 hands and 12 feet made in polypropylene...
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Model: A 73919
16 one-metre strips in four colours made of polypropylene. They give children practical experience in metric measurements and develop their balance in psychomotor skills...
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Model: H 86014
Simple game of daily sequences like for example putting your cloths on, to bath, to pee, etc... touching some topics like the treatment of louses or wounds.Content: 24 cards that include 8 sequences from three plastic cards to word the "earlier", "during" and "later". With a automarking reverse...
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Model: H 73704
Ten re-usable symmetry work cards with figures for completing with two unbreakable mirrors or the pencil provided. Ideal for use on light table...
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Model: Z 87015
A set of four large trees representing each season with related objects on interactive circles to put on and take off. Winter is a Christmas tree that can be decorated with snow flakes or Christmas balls. The title card for each tree are blank for the teacher to write the name of each season...
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Model: E 77123
Our measuring mirror has a fun design with animal drawings on the side of the mirror. This product allows children to check their height and helps them understand measuring terms. The measuring can measure any height between 50cm and 150cm.Our unbreakable plastic mirrors are a vital addition to any ..
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Model: H 31868
Learn the numbers by threading and tracing with these cards. Beads are printed along the outline of each card relating to their quantity.These cards can be used in several ways. Children can thread the lace in between the holes outlining the numbers or by using the cards as a stencil and draw the po..
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Model: H 86216
A complete kit for making funny faces or serius faces with age, racial differences and expressions.It includes a board with two blank faces and more than 50 parts with eyes, ears, mouths, noses, glasses, moustaches and hair to fix with adhesive velcros.Ideal for dialogues about individual difference..
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