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Model: H 22408
The players throw three colour dice and need to find quickly the sweet that matches the colour combination thrown. Three variations of playing determine the winner of the game.Content: 41 wooden sweets, 3 colour dice, 1 mat...
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Model: P 40911
Ποδιά παιδική από φυσικό βαµβακερό ύφασµα. ∆ιακοσµείται και ζωγραφίζεται µε µαρκαδόρους και µπογιές υφάσµατος. ∆ιαστάσεις: 43 Χ 55cm...
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Model: H 17134
This game develops the recognition and association of two- and three-dimensional shapes. The child recognises a two-dimensional shape and allocates this to the matching three-dimensional shape...
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Model: P 40635
Βεντάλιες από φυσικό ξύλο κατάλληλες για να ζωγραφιστούν από τα παιδιά µε τα χρώµατα της επιλογής τους. ∆ιαστάσεις: µήκος 25cm...
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Model: H 22364
To the fish, ready, go! Who can manage to move 3 fish of the same colour onto the rod faster? Or stack as many fish as you can and then later check the underside of the fish to see who got more points! A fishing game with lots of different ways to play!Content: 4 angling rods, 4 angling stands, 12 f..
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Model: P 40762
Σετ από αφρώδη αυτοκόλλητα διακοσµητικά σε µεγάλη ποικιλία σχεδίων και χρωµάτων. Συσκευασία 400 τεµαχίων...
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Model: H 22370
According to the colour thrown, the players move their riders from the cottage along the coloured fields to the meadow. They mount their horses and set off on the route along to the golden apple. The first on the top of the hill is the winner of the golden apple.Content: 1 wooden game board (370 x 3..
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