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Model: H 95053
A vertical 6-column abacus made of resistant plastic with easy-to-handle brightly colored cubes. Handy and attractive material designed to promote a child´s mathematical and logical thinking. This activity familiarizes children with basic mathematical notions and facilitates their understanding of t..
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Model: M 31031
Miniland doll with Caucasian features. This doll belongs to our Miniland Dolls collection that promotes the value of equality within kids regardless of their race, gender or condition and allows them to also learn about the diversity in all of us and how to develop social skills such as empathy and ..
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Model: T 32310
Traditional blocks made of high quality and resilient plastic. It includes wheels to make vehicles as well as a teaching guide. The activities aid in the development of core cognitive and motor functions...
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Model: P 47974
Resistant quality plaited cord, in bright colours, 1 metre long. Both ends of the cord are finished in plastic to facilitate threading. ..
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Model: T 32210
Aimed at young children with its easy assembly and round flexible pieces. Includes an assembly pamphlet...
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Model: T 31712
Links of immeasurable quality.  Their  design allows  for  easy  handling  and coupling.  They are accompanied by colour worksheets with serialisation and classification activities...
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Model: M 27395
Family figures of varying races, disabled people and various occupations. Manufactured in quality materials and decorated with excellent detail. These games allow learning to respect the diversity of sexes, roles, races and different human conditions, and promotes the basic rules of relationships an..
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Model: M 27389
An interesting set of figures that provides a useful didactic resource to help to reason with respect to our fellow creatures and establish elementary rules with respect to relationships and coexistence. Intricately detailed...
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Model: T 95002
Characterised by its quality and resistant materials and infinity of assembly possibilities...
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Model: T 95003
In addition to encouraging psychomotricity and spatial orientation, it contributes to comprehension of “ cause and effect”  relation. The set has different sized gears to enable movement of the assembled models.The set includes a mounting tool...
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Model: H 31767
A fun way to start recognizing, sequencing, and classifying shapes and colors. Assortment of 8 different shapes in varied colors. Includes individual activity cards and braided laces...
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Model: H 31745
Made of solid plastic. Included are 5 different shapes, braided laces and a collection of cards with different sequencing illustrations, classifications, and linking exercises...
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