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Model: T 63055
With BiG, the new Quercetti Marbledrome, you can easily build fantastic marble circuits up to 2.7 meters long from scratch and involve everyone in exciting indoor races just as if you were at the beach or at the playground. Push the marbles with your finger…and roll! Play against time and challenge ..
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Model: T 41609
Daisy Maxi is a creative educational toy with colourful jumbo pegs that has been specifically designed to meet your child’s first developmental needs. Babies and toddlers will be fascinated by the stackable jumbo pegs with rounded edges made of durable and safe material. They are soft and easy to ho..
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Model: T 41951
Εκπαιδευτικό, ψυχαγωγικό παιχνίδι που αναπτύσσει την αντίληψη και τον οπτικό διαχωρισμό των χρωμάτων, τη δημιουργικότητα και τη φαντασία στις μικρές ηλικίες. Το σετ αποτελείται από 48 μεγάλες ψηφίδες, διαφανή πλαστικό πίνακα και 16 καρτέλες με προτάσεις θεμάτων για να τα αναπαράγουν τα παιδιά...
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Model: T 95014
Fantacolor portable it is a timeless arrangement game which amused generations of children: by inserting the pegs in the tablet children freely express their creativeness and they train the eye-hand coordination. You can invent different mosaics or you can even copy the examples in the album. All th..
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Model: T 95418
FantaColor Portable is a timeless composition game. By inserting the pegs in the tablet, children freely express their creativity...
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Model: T 23321
The creative Georello Basic construction set allows children to learn some simple principles of mechanics while having lots of fun. Start by building a base of your choice with the interlocking plates. Then, using the connectors provided, fit the gears together so that they will all move at the same..
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Model: T 23340
Kids will have loads of fun with the Georello Farm construction set while also learning some basic mechanics principles in a creative way. They can build their own personal farm by interlocking the blocks to make the base and then connect the gears to have them all move at the same time. Next they c..
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Model: T 23361
The Georello Jungle construction set introduces some simple principles of mechanics in a fun and creative way. First interlock the blocks to make a base and then use the connectors to insert gears so that they can all move at the same time. Next decorate with the jungle animals and trees and get a s..
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Model: T 40903
Πρωτότυπο διασκεδαστικό παιχνίδι κατασκευών και δημιουργίας που ενισχύει τη λογική σκέψη, την αντίληψη και τη φαντασία. Περιλαμβάνει κομμάτια και φιγούρες με τα οποία τα παιδιά δημιουργούν στην ειδική βάση το σκηνικό μίας μικρής πόλης με σπίτια, δέντρα κ.α. και τη ζωντανεύουν με τους κατοίκους της. ..
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Model: T 23411
Kaleido Gears construction set provides hours of great fun while introducing children to some basic principles of mechanics. Try all possible combinations to make a base with the interlocking plates, and then insert axles and connect gears so that they rotate at the same time. Finally, turn the cran..
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Model: P 50055
Μαγνητικός πίνακας διπλής όψης. Η μπροστινή όψη είναι κατάλληλη για την τοποθέτηση μαγνητικών γραμμάτων, σχημάτων, αριθμών, για τη δημιουργία λέξεων, σχεδίων ενώ η πίσω όψη έχει λευκή επιφάνεια για γράψιμο µε µμαρκαδόρο. Διαστάσεις: 23x30cm..
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Model: T 41703
With Saxoflute your kids will love assembling their own music instruments and then actually make music with them. By connecting the colourful tubes kids can create any kind of horn instrument they can imagine, or they can copy real instruments: trumpets, flutes, saxophones... and really play them to..
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