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Model: H 88059
This unique design gives a direct reading of wind speed, without the need to count revolutions. The low and high calibrations register ms-1 and the Beaufort scale. It can be hand-held or fixed permanently. Complete with product guide...
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Model: H 36659
Πρακτικό επιτραπέζιο αριθµητήριο που λειτουργεί κάθετα η οριζόντια...
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Model: H 16485
This new geared clock demonstrates the relationship of movement between the hour and the minute hand. The hands cannot be moved independently of each other. The clock is large, yet lightweight and the clearly defined markings make it perfect for classroom demonstrations...
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Model: H 12865
These flexible folding plastic Circles can be used in a wide range of grouping and set activities with Invictas Attribute Blocks. The set consists of 6 circles, 2 each of red, yellow and blue...
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Model: Z 95615
Complete with carrying handle. Measurement scales are clearly graduated in both metric and imperial values. A project guide is included. Developed with a leading UK paediatrician and approved and endorsed by The Child Growth Foundation. Children of any age or size can monitor and record their own he..
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Model: H 81159
2.3x magnification and a millimetre grid on the base. The optional stands (included) make it an excellent free-standing desk-top magnifier...
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Model: H 13971
Measures most shapes from 1mm to 30cm by simply reading measurements through a single viewing window. Designed for calculating areas and volumes. Able to measure depth, width and diameter...
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Model: H 84059
Inexpensive and accurate, graduated in millimetres. Can be used free-standing or placed in the ground using the spike provided. The lid prevents spillage if the gauge is carried. Complete with European product guide. 160 mm H x 80 mm W...
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Model: Z 11759
For use indoors or outdoors, this wind, solar and water demonstrator comes in a modular format with four interchangeable monitors to show differing 'outputs'...
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Model: H 15225
Transparent tubs marked with 100ml graduations, made in a tough, washable material. Sensitive enough for 1g to register a positive movement and the tubs are designed to give accurate readings even when objects are placed off centre. Contents of tubs not included. 170mm x 420mm...
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Model: H 16340
Αριθµητήριο κατάλληλο για οµαδική και ατοµική εργασία. Βοηθάει τα παιδιά στην εκτέλεση ασκήσεων αρίθµησης και µέτρησης. Περιλαµβάνει 10 βάσεις, 20 κολώνες αριθµητήρια µε αρίθµηση από το 1 έως το 10 στις κολώνες και 200 χρωµατιστούς κύβους αρίθµησης..
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Model: Z 87517
Simple, robust and practical, can be hand-held or fixed permanently. Includes the letters N, S, E and W as well as O and Z so the Weather Vane can be used for languages other than English where North begins with either a Z or O Complete with product guide...
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