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Brand: SUPER DUPER Model: H 17516
Personal massager with five different textured interchangeable massage tips. Instructions and batteries included. For the child who is hypo-sensitive...
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Brand: KLEIN Model: M 24761
Miele kitchen compact - with oven and dishwasher - pot and pan - 2 plates and 2 x cutlery set - and further accessories - Height: approx. 88,5cm..
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Brand: MINILAND Model: M 97094
Easy to pick up and store. Made of washable and resistant materials to play for many hours. Perfect for playing with Minimobil series vehicles. Stimul..
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Brand: SHAKED Model: H 10214
Mini-pegs are distributed among the players. In turn, they draw a card and check for a matching mini-peg with the same colors. An agreed rule states h..
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Brand: ANTHONY PETERS Model: P 31913
Stained glass designs painted with acrylic colors. Set of 12 different designs..
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Brand: JEGRO Model: H 69392
Teach place value, addition and subtraction. This abacus represents units, tens, hundreds, thousands and ten thousands. It contains 5 x 10 beads in 5 ..
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Brand: JEGRO Model: H 18311
Dimensions: 26 Χ 22 Χ 10cm...
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Brand: JEGRO Model: H 18301
Teach place value, addition and subtractionand visualise (large) numbers. Demonstrates the principle of ‘borrowing’ from the next column. The beads th..
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