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Model: A 35711
Air Cushion is an inflatable dynamic balloon... imitating both the movement and the shape of the gym balls. One side of the cushion is bump-studded while the other side is more gently textured to provide the users with different sensations to enhance the sense of touch and coordination. It can be us..
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Model: A 21061
The balancing course is built using plastic slats and blocks which have holes and slots where hoops or poles can be connected. Suction cups ensure the elements remain firmly anchored to any type of flooring. Thanks to the different elements, you can build a variety of directional balance courses, wi..
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Model: A 17090
Feel them, catch them... Or balance them on your head. The bean bags of one colour can be applied in various ways. Sorted by colour. Washable up to 30°C...
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Model: A 59060
These special stable blocks with their non-slip surface can be fitted together to create different and endless combinations to improve balance and skill. As they follow these obstacle courses, children gain confidence in their movements, overcome any difficulties with balance and practise their coor..
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Model: A 98003
Great for creating your own course. Ideal for promoting coordination in a playful way...
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Model: A 10021
Each piece has two sides... one side has blue symbols with yellow background and the other side is the opposite. No glue is used. Can be played with Stepping Stone (KT0001) to make the activity more challenging. Establish children's spatial and directional concepts. Develop the ability of action pla..
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Model: A 21029
For rocking from side to side, spinning around and balancing. Children can stand or sit on the board. With this toy children develop their motoric function and balancing abilities. With anti-skid profile and four integrated handlebars. Both indoor and outdoor use possible. Maximum load 60 kg...
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Model: A 50363
A set of hands and feet in red and blue plastic for indicating the left and right, for use in gym circuits and games.Content: 8 hands and 12 feet made in polypropylene...
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Model: A 73919
16 one-metre strips in four colours made of polypropylene. They give children practical experience in metric measurements and develop their balance in psychomotor skills...
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Model: A 27209
Ζεύγος ξυλοπόδαρα με ειδική αντιολισθητική ενίσχυση στη βάση τους που προσφέρει επιπλέον σταθερή και αθόρυβη κίνηση. Είναι κατάλληλα για ασκήσεις ψυχοκινητικής που αναπτύσσουν το συντονισμό χεριών και ποδιών αλλά και για ασκήσεις ισορροπίας με αυξημένη ασφάλεια. Έχουν αντιολισθητική επιφάνεια/πέ..
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Model: A 21207
Stepping stones to better coordination, balance and fun. The River Stones are inspired by stepping stones in a river with each side of the triangle varying in steepness and difficulty. The purpose is to jump from stone to stone without touching the floor - you can vary the position of the stones to ..
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