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Alphabet & Speech

Model: H 20050
Association game to match 108 nouns with their corresponding image...
Ex Tax:33.83€
Model: H 20090
A game of association for matching 108 verbs with their corresponding images...
Ex Tax:33.83€
Model: H 20506
54 photos of different everyday actions...
Ex Tax:21.37€
Model: H 20505
54 photos of pets, farm animals and wild animals in their habitats..
Ex Tax:21.37€
Model: H 20509
54 photographs of different body parts and clothes...
Ex Tax:21.37€
Model: H 20531
A game of logical association for creating 34 pairs of cards which represent opposite concepts...
Ex Tax:22.94€
Model: H 30770
Throw the dice and let your imagination run wild. Make up stories with the characters, animals, objects and actions that appear on the dice...
Ex Tax:21.25€
Model: H 24037
Το Πρόγραμμα Παρέμβασης στην Παραγωγή Γραπτού Λόγου Educational Playbox Αφηγηματικός Λόγος στοχεύει στην κατάκτηση των δεξιοτήτων αφήγησης στο γραπτό λόγο, στην αφομοίωσή τους και την εφαρμογή τους από τους μαθητές. Είναι σχεδιασμένο για να ενισχύσει την αφηγηματική ικανότητα των παιδιών στον γ..
Ex Tax:35.75€
Model: H 20542
A game for learning to identify facial expressions from icons and associating them with photos of real expressions...
Ex Tax:20.95€
Model: H 20507
54 photos of different food items...
Ex Tax:21.37€
Model: H 20543
Throw the dice and pick up the corresponding colour card. Don´t show it to anyone, turn over the hourglass and start acting. Whoever manages to guess what youre representing before the time runs out gets to keep the card. The winner is the person with the most cards...
Ex Tax:18.75€
Model: H 20508
54 photographs of different household objects...
Ex Tax:21.37€
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