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Puppet Show & Figurines

Model: M 12481
A set of 10 hand puppets showing 10 different professions / careers.Includes : artist, farmer, fire fighter, chef, doctor, police officer,school crossing warden, nurse, teacher and postie.The perfect resource for talking about ' people who help us ' in the community. The set reflect a range of ethni..
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Model: M 12482
A set of 8 hand puppets reflecting children from around the world.A great resource for talking about people in the communities around us and telling stories from around the world.Size : average size ; 21 cms long..
Ex Tax:40.24€
Model: M 12466
Σετ από 9 γαντόκουκλες με τους ήρωες του δημοφιλούς κλασσικού παραμυθιού κατάλληλες για παιχνίδια αφήγησης και παραστάσεις κουκλοθέατρου...
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Model: M 64001
Set of 6 glove puppets for learning about emotions, four of which are reversible...
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Model: M 12493
A set of 6 farm animal puppets : goat, duck, pig, horse, chicken, cow.Made from colourful fabric and with quality stitched detail this set is the perfect resource for telling all the farmyard tales and singing farmyard songs  .Size : approx : 20 cms long...
Ex Tax:28.95€
Model: M 40024
Ξύλινη βάση για την τοποθέτηση των γαντόκουκλων. Αποθηκεύονται εύκολα, διακοσμούν το χώρο και διατηρούν τη φόρμα τους. Διαστάσεις: 40x7cm..
Ex Tax:7.22€
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