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Model: A 36285
Up to 20 size 5 balls can be accommodated in the stable net.Thanks to the practical ring, collection is particularly quick and easy...
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Model: H 86226
The threading shoe is ideal for children to learn how to fasten laces. It trains patience and manual dexterity. The color and shape of the threading shoe are very child-friendly. The threading shoe trains fine motor skills and is of great importance for everyday life...
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Model: Z 85803
Children naturally have a great need for exploration and have been researchers and discoverers from an early age. Support them with the big observation magnifier. Thanks to the 2x magnification, the magnifying glass is ideal for viewing animals and plants. This not only satisfies curiosity about unf..
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Model: H 42030
The blackboard compass not only impresses with its stability and easy handling, but also with its perfect results. The compass has a cm and degree scale and ensures the most precise radii and degree arcs. The rotary handle on one of the legs makes handling even easier...
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Model: H 13631
With the calculation train, the students get to know the basic arithmetic operations in a playful way and through concrete action. The calculation is suitable for every calculation course. Each wagon is occupied by 10 blue or red wooden dolls. Very good to use from class 2 throughout primary school...
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Model: A 17048
Who doesn't know the classic fairground game? The 10 cans and 5 balls are made of pleasantly soft soft material. This means there is no risk of injury from the sharp edges of the can and it is possible to play quietly without the cans rattling loudly . Throwing and aiming encourages children's hand-..
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Model: T 85049
500 colorful chain links for versatile use. With the colorful chain links, children learn to deal with numbers, quantities and lengths in a playful way. Rows of colors are formed by simply hooking the plastic links together. In this way, logical rows can be created. Children can then use the ch..
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Model: A 98003
Great for creating your own course. Ideal for promoting coordination in a playful way...
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Model: H 53539
Ideal for concentration training and first encounters with magnetism. The children move the small balls with the help of a magnetic pen through the paths of the funny cow. Motor skills, holding a pen, hand-eye coordination and sensitivity are trained. Because playing is so motivating, the little one..
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Model: H 85511
If your students know the length measurements, it is an advantage to point out the area and space measurements as well. This is very clearly possible with a cubic meter model.Thanks to the simple individual parts, the model can be set up and dismantled very quickly...
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Model: H 26199
Visible to all The 41 cm size makes it easy to see numbers and hands. The clock is held on the board by 4 strong magnets. Symbols, e.g. B. Plates and cups for the snack time, painted or pinned pictures at individual times. The children can move the hands by hand. The hands run synchronously by ..
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Model: Z 51350
For experiments in chemistry and biology classes, Petri dishes are part of the basic equipment of every laboratory. These 3 transparent plastic Petri dishes with lids and the 6 Droppers are ideal for culture media, seeding and other experiments. The size of the bowls with a rim of 1.5 cm and a ..
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